Your Dentist Isn’t as Scary as You Think

Your Dentist Isn’t as Scary as You Think

Did you know that up to 75% of Americans suffer from some sort of dental anxiety or outright dental phobia? This isn’t all that surprising. In previous decades, fear of dentists was a lot more well-founded. The technology, practices, and sedation, were not as advanced as they are today. Thankfully, there is less of a reason than ever to be fearful of your local dentist. In fact, you should think of them more as a friend than a doctor.

How to Get Over Anxiety in the Dental Office

Yeah, sure, you can agree that medicine has become more advanced in recent years, but that might not alleviate your anxiety altogether. Think about this, though, that the study of not just dentistry, but psychology, has become more advanced. What is more, these two studies are being combined to make for a more pleasing atmosphere when you’re leaning back in the chair.

  • Kid-friendly exam rooms.

Most dental offices are introducing kid-friendly exam rooms to take away some of the fear that comes with being in a cold, sterile, plain-looking environment that kids so often associate with things like injections and pain. Dentists know that it can be scary, trust us, they are no strangers to a screaming child or even a fearful adult!

  • Advanced sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry is quickly becoming more advanced. This means less pain associated with the sedation process. It also means you will be sedated quicker and more efficiently than ever before. This leads to pain-free operations and a drastic reduction in dental anxiety.

The Dentist is Your Friend

Like we mentioned before, of course, your dentist is a highly trained professional, but that doesn’t mean they are intimidating or scary. Your dentist has your best interest at heart. They are looking for ways to keep your teeth, and your whole body, happy and healthy. Essentially, dentists are trying to do such a good job that you will need to be back in the office less often with less serious problems. If you go in for regular checkups and cleanings, then you will be able to overcome your fear of dentists and reduce your dental anxiety drastically.

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