What If I Don’t Wear My Retainers?

What If I Don’t Wear My Retainers?

This is a great accomplishment! You have successfully completed orthodontic treatment in Pasadena, TX and have now achieved the straight, healthy smile you have always wanted. Congratulations on your hard work and sacrifice. Now, there is one more step to ensure your new smile lasts — wearing a retainer. But what happens if you fail to wear your retainer as your orthodontist instructed?

Wearing Retainers Near You

Retainers hold newly straightened teeth in proper position after orthodontic treatment is completed. Not wearing your retainer after your braces are removed my cause your teeth to revert back to their prior positions. Reversion may result in another round of orthodontic care to repair the problem once again.

To avoid having to wear braces again, wear your retainers as prescribed. It will help you maintain your beautiful smile and eliminate the need for further treatment.

Right after your braces are taken off, you must wear your retainers all the time. This means every day, around the clock, unless your orthodontist provides alternate instructions. This schedule will last for about four to six months. The appliance will even be worn during sleep.

Removing Retainers in Deer Park, TX

  • Orthodontic retainers should be removed to eat or to brush and floss your teeth.
  • Take out the appliance when drinking very cold or very hot beverages.
  • Remove retainers while swimming or playing contact sports.
  • Always store retainers properly in a clean and secure case. Do not wrap the appliance in a napkin. It could easily be mistaken for trash and get thrown out. Also, be sure to keep the retainer out of reach of any animals in the home.
  • Clean your retainers with anti-bacterial soap or brush them thoroughly with toothpaste and water.

Call us immediately if your retainer is broken or lost. If the appliance needs to be adjusted, contact our office. Never attempt to adjust a retainer on your own. With any other questions or concerns regarding your retainers, do not hesitate to call your orthodontist in Pasadena, TX. Book your next appointment online today with our dentist near you!

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