Wear a Mouth Guard and Reduce Your Risk of Injury

Wear a Mouth Guard and Reduce Your Risk of Injury

Kids and adults enjoy participating in sports. It is good, wholesome entertainment, and there are so many benefits. But along with keeping players fit and having fun, there is always the risk of sports-related injuries. Dental trauma occurs all the time. Therefore, we encourage our athletic patients to always wear a mouth guard and reduce your risk of injury during practices, games and other physical activities. Play it safe with a durable and tear-resistant, custom-fit mouth guard.

Your Smile Is Worth Protecting

About 40 percent of all dental trauma is sustained by patients playing sports. Not wearing a durable and tear-resistant mouth guard during play leaves you about 60 times more vulnerable to sports-related injury. Wearing a custom sports guard protects your face and mouth during recreational activity and competitive sports, decreasing the likelihood and severity of dental trauma.

Custom mouth guards provide protection against more than a chipped, fractured, broken or even an avulsed tooth. It also safeguards against more serious conditions like neck injuries, jaw fractures, and concussions.

If you wear dental braces, it is especially important to safeguard the investment and prevent the brackets and wires from damaging your teeth or soft tissue in the mouth during impact. In addition, if your braces get damaged or broken it may delay your orthodontic treatment time.

Custom Mouth Guards Provide More Comfort and Protection

There are several options available for purchasing a sports guard. A custom mouth guard is specifically made to fit your mouth perfectly. It is the most comfortable choice and will provide the best protection. A professional mouth guard can also be customized to suit your specific sport.

Additional advantages of wearing a custom mouth guard:

  • It is made to fit only your mouth, so it is less likely to be displaced while you are in motion.
  • Custom mouth guards are more durable and tear-resistant. They last longer than over-the-counter versions due to the higher quality materials and construction.
  • More fitted and less bulky, you will be more likely to wear it when needed.

Made to fit your mouth, a professional custom sports guard will provide the most comfort and the best protection against sport-related injury to the mouth and face.

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