Removing Fillings from Teeth: Should I Replace My Silver Tooth Fillings?

Removing Fillings from Teeth: Should I Replace My Silver Tooth Fillings?

Now less common than they once were, amalgam material used for dental fillings are still used, except now they are at the center of a swirling controversy. Many aren’t keen on the metal appearance they give their teeth, but still prove to be a great option for those on a budget. At Town Square Dental in Pasadena, TX, we still offer amalgam fillings for those that need them, but let’s discuss what they are and if they’re safe for you and your family.

What is Silver Amalgam (Silver Tooth Fillings)?

To this day, it is estimated that silver amalgam fillings are still placed in the mouths of 1 billion people annually. Thanks to its usual low cost, its ease in working with, its effectiveness in covering dental tooth decay, and its accessibility, silver amalgam is still preferred by many. The silver amalgam itself is composed of a mix of metals that include mercury, silver, and tin.

Why Are Silver Tooth Fillings Causing Controversy?

The question posed above is an interesting one. You would expect a material used by so many dentists for so long would be a sure and safe choice. However, the controversy surrounding silver amalgam fillings has to do with the mercury found in them. This particular substance is actually what gives the material its easy application, but it has been linked to causing headaches, tremors, emotional changes, and muscle

Replace Your Fillings

The truth of the matter is, is that the health risks associated with dental amalgam fillings are inconclusive. There is no solid evidence that they cause health problems, so what you do with you and your fillings is up to you and your dentist. Be sure to have a long conversation about your options to make the best possible decision for your circumstances. Contact us today to make your first appointment!

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