Protecting Your Dental Health: Mouth Guards

Protecting Your Dental Health: Mouth Guards

Dental mouth guards are fitted devices that are worn over the teeth during both sleep and rigorous activity like recreational and athletic sports. Mouth guards are made to protect your teeth from damage that can be done either during sleep due to teeth grinding or in the midst of a sports injury.They provide a barrier between your teeth and cheeks, and in-between your lips and tongue to minimize the risk of damage. Mouth guards are sought after by patients for many reasons:

  • Comfortable Wear – Mouth guards fit snugly and comfortably over your teeth and do not interfere with sleep or loosen during activity. They are also made so that you can continue to speak and breathe easily.
  • Easy to Clean – Mouth guards are removable and are therefore easy to clean on a daily basis.
  • Made with Resilient Material – Mouth guards are durable in order to protect your teeth and remain resistant to tears; making them last for a long period of time.

Dentists offer different types of mouth guards, depending on your needs:

Occlusal Guards

Occlusal guards are mouth guards that are typically worn at night while you sleep. These guards are custom-made to fit your mouth and teeth specifically and are used to prevent the grinding of teeth, known as bruxism, which can occur unconsciously as you sleep. These mouth guards cushion your teeth, protecting them from wearing down after constant grinding.

Snore Guards

Snore guards work similarly to Occlusal guards, in that they are fitted for your mouth and teeth and are worn during sleep. While they do look like regular mouth guards, they are meant to prevent snoring while you sleep. The guard pushes your lower jaw forward, which prevents your tongue from falling back and blocking your airway—the cause of snoring.

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