Dental Digital X-Rays Vs. Film Radiation

Dental Digital X-Rays Vs. Film Radiation

For many of our patients, the difference between digital X-rays and film x-rays may not even be noticeable. Overtime Dentistry has come a long way in making great advancements in dental care. One of the most significant advances in dental care is the use of digital x-ray imaging machines.

Dental X-rays are so important as they allow the dentist and orthodontist to find and diagnose cavities, bone loss, and other issues that may be affecting the patient’s teeth or oral health. At Town Square Dental, we believe in growing and evolving with technology. With this in mind our Pasadena, TX, office would welcome any new patients to come and see for themselves. For now, let’s take a look as to why digital x-rays are much better than film radiation.

Dental Digital X-Rays Are Safer with Less Radiation

Digital x-ray machine systems now use up to 70% less radiation than conventional film radiation. Because these require a much less level of radiation than traditional x-rays, that means that less exposure is being sent to our patients and a much safer experience for both the patient and dental professionals as seen in the office.

Faster X-Ray Images

Digital x-ray film is available for viewing as soon as the images taken, is it does not have to be developed like old film x-rays.

Clearer, Higher Quality Images

With the former way of taking x-rays, a dental radiologist needed to take several x-rays from different angles in order to create a composite image of the patient’s teeth. The final images were not as clear, as they offered only up to 25 shades of grey. Now the image is clear as digital x-rays can use up to 256 shades of grey. This allows for much greater detail and can be used on a computer to be enhanced and revealed with more information

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