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About Dr. Nguyen

Born in Southern Vietnam in 1972, Dr. Huy Phan Nguyen immigrated to America August 1979. He became an American in his schooling from 1st grade through dental school, living in Houston and Austin, Tx, as well as Fort Collins, Colorado. As a United States citizen, he loves America for the opportunity this country has afforded him. Graduating in June 2000 from dental school, Dr. Huy Nguyen has been practicing for 16 years. People’s time and dental health is most important to him.

Dr. Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen

About Town Square Dental

The building was built sometime in the 60’s or 70’s. Initially, it was a church. During the 1990’s, Dr. Lee, D.D.S., opened Town Square Dental at this location. All physical archives of office were damaged and lost during Tropical Storm Allison 2001 in the Pasadena City Hall. The Pasadena City Hall kept physical, paper and film, records that were flooded. Dr. Zingalis purchased the office from Dr. Lee in 2003. Dr. Zingalis remodeled the office to its current configuration. In November 2007, I purchased, from Dr. Zingalis, the office.

Dr. Nguyen’s upgrades included Cat5 network (secure, closed network, outsiders can NOT connect to office network via their mobile phones, tablets, etc.), digital X-rays (over 60% reduction in radiation exposure for patients and improved diagnostic value), 80% reduction in paper usage via digitizing patient files with workstations at each patient room (green office) (office was on paper charts before my purchase), 3 new patient chairs, decorated children’s treatment rooms, painted interior, new 10-ton AC unit to improve patient’s comfort, new, green foam roof to improve patient’s comfort (foam roof has higher insulating factor to keep out the hot Houston Heat), and new floors.

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